Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lab Safety Poster Rubric

Lab Safety Poster Project

Directions: Before you can do any more labs in this class, you need to be aware of the lab safety rules. For this project, you are going to create a poster demonstrating a lab safety rule. You will have the rest of class today to brainstorm and start drawing sketches for your poster. (Paper for the poster will be provided.) Ms. Janaulis will need to see a sketch of your design before you may pick out your poster paper. Monday and Tuesday will be your only in-class workdays for this project. IT IS DUE by the end of class on Tuesday, AUGUST 19th. Ms. Janaulis will then decide which posters will hang in the science classroom this year. The illustrators of those posters will receive prizes. Have a plan, work hard, and be sure to follow the rubric below! You will need to have this rubric when you present on Wednesday!

Name(s) _______________________________________________________________Period _____
Lab Safety Poster Rubric (20 Points)

1. Does the illustration correctly display the rule?

2. Did the group give a clear explanation of the rule and
Demonstrate their understanding of it?

3. Did both individuals do an equal share of the project?

4. Is the rule number and rule written clearly and in bold
letters so that people may read it from a distance?

5. Ms. J. MUST initial in this box for you to get full credit on this project! Was the draft completed and SHOWN TO Ms. J
before the actual poster was created?

6. Is the poster neatly done (color in the lines,
few eraser marks, straight writing)?

7. Did the individual help the group to use its time wisely?

TOTAL _______/20

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